To be and be recognized as the foremost food and agriculture private investment firm in Africa


Provide Capital. Leverage Knowledge. Build Companies. Generate Returns. Impact Lives

We take personal responsibility for our actions and deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders through effective teamwork and communication. We hold ourselves and others accountable for our choices.

We are flexible, adaptable, resilient, dynamic and can adapt or evolve with changing circumstances or environment. We constantly challenge status quo and seek out solutions and are able to deal with uncertainty while making prudent decisions.

We uphold strong moral principles and honesty in everything we do. We manage resources with transparency and utilize them exclusively for their intended purposes.

We connect and build relationships internally & externally to create value for all our stakeholders. We enrich and leverage our network to catalyse widespread impact.

We are purposeful in the way we use our time, energy and resources to achieve desired results. We keep our eyes firmly on our goals and we creatively navigate obstacles to achieve them.